keyboard-based MSX sprite/charactor editor
for Windows

- Control
Arrow key: Move cursor
Alt+Arrow key: Move window
Ctrl+Arrow key: Shift
Shift+Arrow key: Draw dot as copy

[0]~[9] [A]~[F]: Draw dot
Shift+[0]~[9] [A]~[F]: Paint
SPACE: Erase

[G]: Generate sprite/charactor pattern data
[H]: Horizonal flip
[J],PageUp: next cel
[M],PageDown: previous cel
[N]: New
[O],F3: Open
[P]: Save as PNG
[Q],ESC: Quit
[R]: Rotate
[S],F2: Save
Ctrl+[S], F4: Save as
[V]: Virtical flip
[Z]: Undo

Ctrl+[A]: Add cel
Ctrl+[D]: Delete current cel
Ctrl+[E]: Erase
Ctrl+[C]: Copy cel
Ctrl+[V]: Paste cel

- Generate window
[T]ype: data type(sprite/charactor)
[C]olor data: generate sprite color pattern data(on/off)
[2] layers: 2-layers sprite(on/off)
c[O]mma: separate with comma(on/off)

Color data=ON and 2 layers=ON is a sprite date 
with an or'ing color for MSX2.
Color data=OFF and 2 layers=ON is a sprite data for MSX1.

- Customize
The interface can be changed by modifying "pal.bmp".
- Download